Rajasthan Government is committed for the Universalization of Elementary Education. Right to Education Act has been implemented in Rajasthan from 1st April 2010. To attain this goal, number of Projects/Programmes like- Shikshakarmi, Lokjumbish, Gurumitra Plan, District Primary Education Programme (DPEP) Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan are in existence. These programmes have the credit of the progress in education field. Growth of enrolment-rate and stability-rate, reduction in Drop-Out, qualitative Improvement in Education, Physical Facilities in our schools, Computer Education, inclusive education and Innovative Education etc indicate notable improvements. Alwar is also sailing in the same boat. Tijara Panchayat Samiti in Alwar District is a major minority populated area. Agriculture is the main source of income in Meo-Community here and some people have occupation of the handicrafts, small scale industries or like that. This community has a different image of its own because of its customs, social involvement, culture and traditions. This sect of people has never given the priority to ‘education’ for different reasons. Now it has accepted and recognized the importance of education for community and started to consider about Schools, Madarsa and Makatba. But its expectations are not fully attained in educational institutes. To discourage the social inertness and to encourage Gender Education is essential. Because of different social, political, economic and religious reasons, this area of the district has been deprived of basic facilities.
Gradually, educational phenomena has been changing in Tijara but the expected development demands much efforts and resources. Such an environment should be created that education becomes prime for the welfare of the community. Only our trustworthy efforts, our foresightedness, immense patience and constant efforts can bring better results. District Administration, Educational Management, DIET, Industrial Groups and Public-Participation holding hand in hand are inspired to initiate an educational innovation. To stress the elementary education it is desired that there should not be any lack of resources in our schools in rural areas. The areas backward in education after the regulation also be fully considered in this direction. After the regulation of the Act free and compulsory Right to Education for children it is compulsory to accomplish all kinds of resources and if not found in norms, there is a provision for punishment.
Therefore, firmness of Elementary Education together with government aids, adopting PPP model, there is a need to obtain other resources speedily. When the government school is well-equipped and attracting the children, the enrolment and stability will definitely be assured. Qualitative education can be provided keeping in mind all these things. Industrial organisations and other institutes are included in this project 40 listed school will be attached with these institutes.

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